Pomegranate Planet

In Pomegranate Planet, take on the role of a pomegranate farmer trying to out-grow the competition. You will use Pomegranate Power Pebbles, or “Pom Pebbles” as the locals call them, to acquire items that you will need from the Market. The Market uses a blind bidding system, and each item in the Market will go to the player that bid the most Pom Pebbles for that item. However, you can only put up a single card for bid at a time, each valued at a different number of Pom Pebbles. Water and Fertilizer will help your seeds grow into delicious, nutritious pomegranates. Pollinate and Greenhouse cards get your fields to produce more pomegranates, and Tractors can help you move items from one field to another, making the most of your farmland. Use your Pom Pebbles wisely; wasting your higher value Pom Pebbles early could allow your opponents to easily snag a more valuable item later on! Win the best items at the market to become the primary purveyor of pomegranates on the planet!

How to Play

Skip the rulebook with this video of how to play Pomegranate Planet


When coming up with the world of Pomegranate Planet, the illustrations were hugely important to bringing it to life. We came up with the names of the cards as well as how and why they are part of Pomegranate Planet. We communicated all of this information to our artist, Shera. She brought the whole world of Pomegranate Planet to life. Her illustrations embody the fun, lighthearted nature of the game. We are extremely greatful to have Shera on this project. To see more of her phenomenal work visit her website at the link below.

Studio By Shera

How Pomegranate Planet Came To Be

What do you think of when you think of a pomegranate planet? Is it a giant pomegranate spinning in space? Do you see a planet burgeoning with pomegranate trees?

Our concept for Pomegranate Planet is a planet whose main commodity is pomegranates. The folks on Pomegranate Planet cannot get enough pomegranates. There is currency too, the Pomegranate Power Pebbles, or Pom Pebbles for short. But money is only so sweet. Pomegranates on the other hand, let's just say there is nothing better.

The very first version of Pomegranate Planet was played with an ordinary 52 card deck. Cards 2 thru 9 were bidding cards and 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace were market cards. We designed this draft with the theme of Pomegranate Planet in mind. Once we had confidence in the blind bidding mechanic, we made a prototype with the theme. From there, the theme drove much of the development, resulting in cards like pollinate and greenhouse.

The blind bidding system in Pomegranate Planet relies heavily on players evaluating what cards they think their opponents want, and then deducing what value they think their opponents will bid on a given item. Players then choose their bid card based on that guess. This process has players guessing and second guessing in the fashion of: "I know they have fertilizer, so I can get the fertilizer cheap, but they know that I know they have fertilizer and may want to block me so I should bid extra high just in case."

In designing Pomegranate Planet, we learned how a small set of simple card effects, an efficient simoultaneous turn system, and a balance of hidden and known information can lead to an engaging, well-paced, fun game. We hope players enjoy the world of Pomegranate Planet and have fun growing their pomegranates.