Ambyria: Shroud of the Shadow Demon


Ambyria is Paw-Warrior's debut game. A fantasy card game, Ambyria combines strategy and luck to create an engaging and competitive match between players.

Playing as one of four heroes you collect the mysterious Ember Stones to defeat Ingduhl the Shadow Demon. Only the hero who collects the most Ember stones will be able to defeat the Shadow Demon and save the world from his shroud.

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Ambyria: Starlight & Vengeance


Ambyria: Starlight & Vengeance is the stand-alone expansion to Shroud of the Shadow Demon. In this new edition, Ingduhl the diabolical shadow demon and Melevanie the benevolent warrior of starlight are introduced to the playable universe of Ambyria in the form of the black and white decks.

Play with these two new decks alone or along with the original four. The additon of these two new decks expands the scope of the game immensely. All of the things you love about Shroud of the Shadow Demon are a part of Starlight & Vengeance as well as new dynamics that arise with the new effects.

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Ogre Cheerleaders


In Ogre Cheerleaders you task is to recruit the best team of cheerleading ogres for next years team at Ogreton University. While the ogres are very enthusiastic, they lack skill in cheerleading. But they do their best!

Ogre Cheerleaders is a fast-paced, silly game where you can score big combos if you play your cards right. Play time is between 5 and 10 minutes, he perfect length of time for when you are waiting for your food to arrive at a restaurant or at game night while you are waiting for your friend who is always late.

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